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The Michael Byun Plastic Surgery Foundation’s mission is to fund surgeries for patients that are in need of reconstructive work but have been rejected the means in doing so by their insurance companies.





Reconstructive surgeries will restore the health and well-being of people’s lives.



Better Society

Those who recover will be more comfortable and constructive within society.



Working Together

We don’t want to offend current insurance companies; we hope to do this charity work with them.



Key to ObamaCare

We have found the efficient ways, which are key to ObamaCare: Reduce costs, Improve quality.








After losing 247 life-changing and life-saving pounds by Gastric Bypass Surgery, Linda Kuhl is now left with a tremendous amount of very heavy redundant skin all over her body. She is not able to trust her body to innately achieve and maintain balance while in motion. Her insurance, which covered the cost of her previous surgeries, denied any coverage for the removal of excess skin in key areas of her body which still impedes her mobility and health. (READ MORE)






Before the first surgery, Rachel Lipman’s right upper eye was almost 80% collapsed with the ptosis. She couldn’t lift her upper brow and also had a small jaw and cheek bone due to the underdevelopment of the bone and the less blood circulation. What matters most was the fact that it was more than her look: it was substantially related not only to her self-regard but also to her social confidence. Definitely, she still has a long way to go. (READ MORE)


sysIf you are in need of plastic surgery, but have been denied insurance coverage, we want to hear from you. Submit your case and you may be eligible for complimentary surgery as a recipient of the Michael Byun Plastic Surgery Foundation.


huhtYour generosity and contributions allow coverage for cost of surgeries, anesthesia, and facilities. Please help us recognize and attend to the growing amount of patients that are being turned away by their insurance companies.



2013 Fall Gala : a very fundamental evening that brought much meaning to the cause of this charity


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2012 Gala : Summer Night Out 2012


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